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Augustus Sweetheart - The Things That Make Us Tough EP (2006)
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2010 re-issue
  1. I'll Be The Getaway Driver [3:18]
  2. Inner-City Breeders [3:39]
  3. Eagle Dad [3:53]
Total running time: 10:50

Words by L. Thilman music by Augustus Sweetheart

Recorded in 2005 at Indiepages and 6535 Cleopatra

Cover art ♥ Jenna Sykes

Chris ♥ baritone guitar
Corey ♥ 12 string guitar, Commodore 128, Game Boy Advance, glockenspiel, shaker, Super Nintendo
Lucas ♥ bass, guitars, vocals
Matt ♥ bass
Faustine ♥ drums

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