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Augustus Sweetheart - Threats Are For Nobodies (2006)
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  1. Eagle Dad [3:50]
  2. Ugly [2:27]
  3. I'll Be The Getaway Driver [2:45]
  4. Inner-City Breeders [2:58]
  5. Nobody's Pretty Anymore [3:30]
  6. Rinse/Repeat [2:56]
  7. Rollergirl [4:34]
Total running time: 23:00

The fourth album would have been double live...

Recorded live at the Crocodile Cafe September 13th, 2005

Cover art ♥ Jenna Sykes

Chris ♥ baritone guitar, vocals
Craig ♥ Arp SE-IV, laptop
Corey ♥ 12-string guitar, shouting
Faustine ♥ drums, shouting
Lucas ♥ guitar, vocals
Matt ♥ bass

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