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Betelmire - Polyester Tea (re-issued 2009)
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  1. World Without Love [1:09]
  2. Bedroom Unreality [3:59]
  3. Bird and Bee [3:13]
  4. Normandy Park [3:07]
  5. Last January [3:10]
  6. Absinthe Hymn [3:32]
  7. Counting To Infinity [3:29]
  8. Teen King 1955 [3:25]
  9. Auburn [3:16]
  10. Lullaby [1:41]
Total running time: [30:05]

Polyester Tea:
Dedicated to one, and others.

The unfinished mythology of my melody
is elusive and cocooned in an endless
swoon of Love-la-lune.

All cuts written, performed, and recorded
in solitude by Betel, except 'World Without Love',
which was written by Paul McCartney and was
a Peter and Gordon hit in 1964. James Dean makes an
appearance on this album via film sampling
from 'Rebel Without a Cause'.

Taped between 2005 & 2008 at
the Valentine House and at the Beehive.

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