The Good - Shubzilla - Augustus Blackheart - Sic Ill - Almond Roca - Tom Hutch.  December 21st at Substation. Shubzilla - Augustus Blackheart - Jonny Nero Action Hero.  July 26th at Substation. 120 Minutes cover night, Thursday, May 28th at the Lo-Fi. Augustus Blackheart - Basement Party - Pitschouse - Lucarne.  September 21st at Cafe Racer. Power Cassette - Augustus Blackheart - From Gods To Monsters.  July 11th at the Blue Moon. Fuck Yeah Scooter Club presents: The Cure vs. The Smiths cover night, a benefit for Lino Fernandez. NighTraiN - Murder Party - Augustus Blackheart - Jay Cox.  September 29th at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theatre. Augustus Blackheart - Bandolier - Jet City Soundsystem.  August 15th at the Comet Tavern.



· Sunday, July 26th, Substation, Ballard. 8:00PM.
Shubzilla × Augustus Blackheart × Jonny Nero Action Hero

· Thursday, May 28th, Lo Fi, Cascade. 8:00PM.

  120 Minutes cover night

Augustus Blackheart × Seaside Tryst × Dark Hip Falls × Peter and the Tribe × Furniture Girls × season of strangers × Tomo Nakayama and Kevin Murphy × Hotel Vignette × DJ Echo × DJ Paco


· Sunday, December 14th, The Josephine, Ballard. 8:00PM.
  Kitten Vacation × Augustus Blackheart × Forty Year October


· Saturday, September 21st, Cafe Racer, Uni. District. 8:30PM.
  Augustus Blackheart × Basement Party × Pitschouse × Lucarne

· Thursday, July 11th, Blue Moon, Uni. District. 9:00PM.
  Power Cassette × Augustus Blackheart × From Gods To Monsters



· Sunday, July 22nd, House of Sarah, Columbia City.
  Augustus Blackheart × Vol Nonik


· Friday, December 16th, 6535 Cleopatra, Ballard.

  Augustus Blackheart