« Are you AWESOME to rock? »

In spite of their parent's desires that they follow productive career paths, like becoming doctors, teachers or chimney sweepers, the members of Murder Party instead focused their unbound potential on becoming "awesome to rock" -and other adjectival substitutions for adverbs.

Hatched in 2005 after the fall of guitarist/lead singer Margaret 's Vista Vista (also of 1500 Club), Murder Party features spunky Susan (also of Fucking Peace) on bass, cool as ice Lino (also of Sons of Ivan) on the skins, the dazzling Lisa (also of The Ramrams) on keys and the charming Corey (also of Augustus Blackheart) on guitar.  

Imagine a tea party for crows, with The Jesus and Mary Chain playing on the boom-box and you can come close to Murder Party's sound.  Their live credits include a rowdy, Christmas-sweater-wearing show with The Reformation and Portland's Night Mechanic at the Blue Moon; and with The Cave Singers and Cock and Swan at the Branchwater Conservatory.  Much like a boy scout, Murder Party always comes prepared and awesome to rock.

It should be noted before Lisa and Corey joined Murder Party, that the always feisty Kevin Hayworth (also of Modern Arms) was on the skins and Lino was on guitar.

Margaret Susan Lino Lisa Corey

L-R: Margaret: guitar & vocals, Susan: bass & vocals, Lino: drums,
Lisa: keyboards & vocals, Corey: guitar & vocals