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Mooge Charm - Pause To Frame
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  1. Ravenna [1:01]
  2. 8-bit Letdown [1:24]
  3. The Falling [2:52]
  4. Pause to Frame [1:59]
  5. At Petrovitsky Park [2:50]
  6. Nightlight [2:09]
  7. The Old Men♥ [2:54]
  8. The Subject was Roses [1:41]
  9. Bloody Toby [3:08]
Total running time: 19:58

Songs by C. Bowl except ♥ by The Wake

© 1998-2008 Moogle Charm/Morgan Leah Records

Christina, Helen and Keenan: vocals
Corey: Amiga 500, Arp Solina SE-IV, Atari 800; Atari 2600, bass, C=64, C=128, drums, GBA, glockenspiel, guitar, Korg Trinity, NES, Oberheim OB-Xa, Roland Juno 60 and vocals
Phillip: bass, drums

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