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Mooge Charm - Sarah Is Awesome!
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  1. 6153 6172 0a68
  2. Sarah Is Awesome!
  3. Error
  4. Suggests Completion
  5. Cooler in Greenwood
  6. Another Castle
  7. Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)♥
  8. Ein
  9. Sarah Is Awesome! (Game Gear version)
  10. Sarah Is Awesome! (Turbo Grafx-16 version)
  11. Sarah Is Awesome! (Commodore 128 version)
Total running time: 23:31
Songs by C. Bowl except ♥ by Pavement

© 2009 Moogle Charm/Morgan Leah Records

Corey: Commodore 128, drums, Game Gear, GBA, glockenspiel, guitar, NES, Turbo Grafix-16 and vocals

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