Augustus Sweetheart



view the poster Thursday, October 20, The Premier, 10:00PM
Augustus SweetheartVictrolaFull Nelson Mandala

view the poster Tuesday, September 13, The Crocodile, 9:00PM
Banner BarbadosBoatAugustus Sweetheart

view the poster Thursday, August 11, Cleopatra Nature Preserve, 7:00PM
Augustus Sweetheart

view the poster Thursday, August 11, studio 7, 6:15PM
Augustus Sweetheart♥3rd Season♥20 the Truth♥& guests

view the poster Thursday, July 7, Sunset Tavern, 9:00PM
RomanceAugustus SweetheartMonostereoJ.D. Pirtle Group

view the poster Monday, June 27, Tost Lounge
Augustus SweetheartThe Upper HandJ.D. Pirtle Group

view the poster Tuesday, May 31, Living Room, 7:00PM
Augustus Sweetheart1985♥Anne Sheppard


view the poster Thursday, November 11, Funhouse, 9:00PM
Things ExplodeSlomo Rabbit KickSuretossAugustus Sweetheart

view the poster Thursday, October 28, Comet Tavern, 9:00PM
Rat City Rollergirls talent auditions/super Halloween bash
Batum SchragMoc MocAugustus SweetheartBall with Tail

view the poster Saturday, October 2, The Hideaway, 9:00PM $6
The Coffin LidsThee Fine Lines♥Thee Flying Dutchmen♥Augustus SweetheartAstrayas

view the poster Saturday, September 18, Blue Dog Coffee House

view the poster Friday, August 20, The Punkin House, 7:30PM
Outside AlcatrazAugustus SweetheartIsidore Chamber

view the poster Monday, August 16, The Hideaway, 9:30PM $5
Via VenturaSweetnessAugustus SweetheartMath and Physics Club

view the poster Friday, July 9, Plague House, 6:00PM
The Stereo FutureAugustus Sweetheart♥Loved in Minnesota♥Wallpaper

Sunday, June 6, Plague House, 7:00PM
L.A.O.♥Minutes to... something, I wasn't really paying any attention♥Augustus Sweetheart♥TBA

view the poster Saturday, May 22, Plague House, 7:00PM
The AbodoxBlue Mouse TheatreAugustus Sweetheart♥Revernence