Augustus Sweetheart


In the beginning...

Augustus Sweetheart started as a one piece band from the Kent/Seattle, Washington area. It originally stemmed from the fall of another lesser heard of band, of the same name. Being the only member left, and the only one interested in writing any decent music, Lucas started writing simple songs for coffee haus play. Just Lucas, a mic and some scrawled notebook paper. Eventually, the note paper was abandoned for printed sheets, and the songs got a little better.


In September, Lucas met a girl named Christy Ruschmeyer, who just happened to play a mean set of keys. She wasn't too bad at bass, either. She became the official, unofficial second member of the band. They played a few shows at Gradie's in Auburn. The lineup was usually Christy on keys and backup vocals, Lucas on acoustic guitar and Ringo (a 1973 Univox drum machine) keeping the beatz. They played a few originals, and a few covers - Joy Division's "Love Will Tear us Apart", and My Bloody Valentine's "When You Sleep" (live recordings of these songs are available on the audio page).


Lucas took a form of hiatus for most of the year, playing a little in side projects such as Ghosts on Television. Once that little stint was over, he took up his keyboard again and started recording (recordings available on the audio page under 'These are songs that Lucas wrote on his keyboard').


2004 saw Faustine and Corey join up playing drums and guitar respectively. Shortly thereafter, the band wrote and recorded an EP. Many shows were played. Chandler Skaraba joined briefly playing keyboards.


Christina played at the Sunset Tavern show. In August, the lineup expanded to include Chris McFarlane on baritone guitar, Craig Selby on keys and Matt Buettner on bass. The rest is history.

Augustus Sweetheart was:

2002-2005: Lukiss - vocals♥guitar♥bass♥keys (Jager Bumps, Respect, Bow and Arrow, Terry Schiavo Weed Coma, Ghosts on Television, Suretoss, Bionic Systems Go, The Body Electric)

2002-2004: Christy - vocals♥keys♥bass (Betelmire)

2004-2005: Faustine - drums♥vocals (The Maldives, Whalebones, Chain and the Gang, The Curious Mystery, The Glasses, R.B. Reed, Hello, Bionic Systems Go)

2004-2005: Corey - guitar♥C=128♥GBA♥glockenspiel♥NES♥shaker♥SNES♥vocals (Lucarne, Murder Party, For Against Disaster, Crooked Little Heart, Quince-Pence, Augustus Blackheart, Moogle Charm, The Condiments, Suretoss, Cake Crisis, The Arrows and Stars, Vol Nonik

2004: Chandler - keyboards (Chandler Skraba)

2005: Chris - baritone guitar♥vocals (Your Heart Breaks, Blooper, Unikely Friends, Pitschouse, Lucarne, Sandy City, iji, Patience Please, Slomo Rabbit Kick, Suretoss, The Condiments)

2005: Matt - bass♥vocals (Bill Collectors, Alabama Jihad)

2005: Craig - keys♥vocals (For Against Disaster, Bandolier, Subroutine, The Condiments, Suretoss, 33 Tears)

2005: Cristina - vocals, ukulele (Visqueen, Connecticut Four, Cristina Bautista)